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Garage Door Shop Repairs Chicago, IL 773-649-0955The springs on your garage door are critical components for safe and efficient operation. These springs operate under high tension. Most break when the door is closed. On the other hand, if the spring breaks when the door is in the upward position, the door will come crashing down, a very dangerous situation.

That’s why you need to call professionals in your Chicago, IL zone to work on any spring-related problem with your garage door. If the springs are not working correctly, call Garage Door Shop Repairs. Our team of professionals will repair the issue, including maintenance and replacement of the springs if needed.

At Garage Door Shop Repairs, we offer quick repairs that last for all types of spring problems. We have the experience to offer sensible, authoritative advice for choosing the right method repair. We will let you know the best ways to keep them operating as long as possible. We take a variety of springs with us when we go to the job, so we can do the repair or replacement on the spot. We make sure you are satisfied with the work and that your door opens and closes the way it should.

We will check the tension on your springs when we check them out. The tension should match the weight of the door in both pounds and tension strength. That means that a door weighing 150 pounds needs a spring that has tension strength of 150. A professional understands this combination of tension and weight and can fix the springs correctly. Understanding how tension and springs interact is critical for doing a proper repair or installation. At Garage Door Shop Repairs, we have the expertise to handle it correctly. Wherever you are located in the Chicago, IL, relying on us for your problem is the best choice.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are what handle the weight of your garage door, using a strong beam at the top of the door. Cables make the torsion springs uncoil when the door goes up. They work in the opposite direction to make the door go down.

The door should open and close seamlessly and it does as long as these actions are synchronized. The beauty of the torsion spring is how easy it is to manage a weight that would otherwise be almost impossible. How strong and durable the spring is depends on the wire size, spring length and the inside diameter.

Each of these determines how much weight a spring can safely hold and how often it can be used before it breaks. A large spring can handle greater weight and resistance. Most residential doors need less than two springs to handle the weight of a door. Commercial garage doors are usually bigger and often need two or more springs. The greater the weight, the more springs are needed.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are made to handle the weight of the door by extending and then constricting as the door goes up and down. These springs can have spots made for mounting on sturdy mechanisms that are part of the garage door system.

Extension springs constrict when the door opens and closes, which offsets the weight of the door. When the door rises, the springs come together, making the door go up as far as it can. When the door goes down, the springs return to their beginning position. These parts have a great deal of tension. If an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer tries to repair them, he can damage the entire system, the structure of the garage and even harm himself.

It makes sense to get your garage door springs inspected. If they look worn or are broken, get them replaced. Call the experts at Garage Door Shop Repairs to manage all the springs on your garage doors, whether they need repair or replacement.